Websites are like Sugar Cookies

During the holiday season many people like to decorate sugar cookies and I thought it would be fun to compare websites to sugar cookies.


The cookie is what makes, well the sugar cookie. Much like the cookie, the html is the most important part. Without having great content, your site will be unsuccessful. It doesn’t matter how great of design you have, bad content makes a bad website.

In terms of cookies: If you have a bad cookie, no matter how great your frosting and sprinkles are, no one will eat them and they will be wasted.


The frosting is what makes the sugar cookies look good. Much like the css makes your website look good. Right after content, the css is the next most important thing. Without a user friendly site it doesn’t matter how great your content is no one will use your site.

In terms of cookies: It is like if you were to mix all the different color frosting together. It will look awful and disgusting.


Sprinkles are what gives cookies that final touch. But not too much or it is overkill. Much as when a website loads in every javascript plugin on the planet. To much js is a bad thing, just sprinkle it on top.

Think of it as how a cookie still tastes great without the sprinkles and a web site should still be usable without js. It is not that people disable js (some do but not many) but you plan for it if something goes wrong.

Don’t Eat Your Websites

One last thing, don’t try eating websites they don’t taste good. Stick to eating Sugar Cookies they taste much better.

Enjoy the holidays!

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