Web Inspector with iOS Simulator

What you need

  • All you need is Xcode, which is provided for free from Apple. Download Xcode on the Mac App Store.
  • Safari
  • For best results make sure Xcode is up to date

How to

  1. Open iOS Simulator. The easiest way to find it is to open Xcode click on Xcode —> Developer Tools —> iOS Simulator.
  2. (optional) make a shortcut to this on your dock.
  3. Open the file you want to test in the iOS Simulator. Just drag and drop.
  4. Open Safari. (desktop)
  5. Turn on the Develop menu in Safari (desktop) if it is not already on.
  6. To Do this go to Safari—> Preferences. Next go to the advance tab and check the box at the bottom to turn on the develop menu.
  7. Turn the web inspector on in iOS Safari (in iOS Simulator) settings —> Safari —> Advance —> Turn on web inspector.
  8. Open your webpage or web app in the iOS Simulator.
  9. Go to Safari (desktop) click Develop —> iPad/iPhone (depends what you are testing on) Simulator —> yourpage.html
  10. Now it is just like using the web inspector in Safari but it is in the iOS Simulator.
  • Note: Only works in OS X 10.7 or later.

You can even use the web inspector with your real devices too. Follow the same steps as above. The only thing that is different is you must plug in your device to the computer you are using.

Want to Learn more about iOS Simulator read my post Using iOS Simulator.

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