About Unreal Navigation

Unreal Navigation is a site about helping you get started with creating you navigation for your site. All the navigations examples are fully responsive and built with a mobile first approach.

I have kept the styling to a minimum on some of the examples because they are designed to be more as a starting point and for you to customize for your needs. The CSS will need tweaked if you add or remove links. The small amount of js will need updated too if you do add or remove any links. All the js is doing is “hiding” the navigation for a small viewport with margin-top on the nav. Just change the value on the css class: “smallnavjs.”

I do have plans on making more heavily design examples in the future for more of a finished product where you just need some code to put something together fast.

I also blog about from time to time. Most of the time these article are about related to responsive web design and other cool new things going on in the web.

Unreal Navigation is maintained and ran by Geoffrey Rose. The hope of this site is that it will help you create amazing navigations for your sites.